About mamaakube

THRIFTismyTHERAPY was birthed from my love for shopping and the thrift stores. Back In 2017 when I transitioned to the US and while I was still acclimatizing to the culture, I found myself visiting different malls, stores, garage sales, moving sales even the flee markets were not left out.

But something was still missing.

I figured out I wanted more than the shopping experience I had so far. One day I was driving in the willows Mall in Concord City and my gaze stumbled upon a Thrift Store. My heart leapt with excitement that couldn’t be contained. Upon entry to the store, I felt something that couldn’t be explained…I explored the whole store, made some new acquaintances, asked a lot of questions, made some purchases and left with a resolve to be back.

After this experience, permit me to say my life has never remained the same. I became a “thrift queen” and was a known face in all the thrift stores within and outside my city. I had a feeling of always being at home, peaceful feeling anytime I am in the thrift store and when it was time for me to launch my online business on Instagram, the name thriftismytherapy immediately came to mind.

Back in my home country, Nigeria, the thrift clothes and items are popularly known as akube. In a bid to align my business to my target audience, i made mama akube my nickname. This attracted a lot of audience who were immediately converted to customers. My referrals and clientele grew, the business also began to flourish; I delved into shopping for new clothings and became a personal shopper for clothes and accessories. 

Over the years, with consistency, the brand has blossomed; we deliver trendsetting pieces that exudes confidence and a great personality in our clients. With God and grace, we are where we are today and we keep pushing to reach a higher ground!

It’s been an amazing journey and I welcome you to my world of fashion. You will find unique items on great deals like never before. Here, we are passionate about making you look and smell good because it’s serious business for us.